Thank you for your interest in my work.

To ensure I can answer your query the best I can, please fill out all the requested information. I try to answer all the messages within 2 days, however depending on work load it may be up to 4 days.



Please note, the minimum booking for weekend weddings is for 3 people, otherwise a day rate fee will be applied.

Please, ensure you provide all the requested information and fill out the date and the location of the event. Please include in your message how many people are needing their hair and makeup complete and what time everybody needs to be ready by, so I can get back to you with a full quote. 


Please, ensure you provide all the information requested, and include in your message the type of event and the time you need to be finished by. If you can't come to my makeup room and would like me to come out to you, please specify the address so I can come back to you with a full quote.

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